The great advancement in technology has provided us people with amazing tools that we can use in our daily lives to add on to our style quotient. Now a days, we prefer to style our hair at home and avoid the various sitting appointments at salons and parlors to get the professional results. When we start doing our hair at home, we are benefitted by it but also there are a lot of things that are to be kept in mind and precautions should be taken up accordingly to prevent your hair from getting any sort of damage or breakage. If your hair looks good, this does not mean that your hair styling was done with full perfection at home. The maintenance of your hair and its management is very necessary in the case you are straightening your hair with the help of the flat iron.

Straightening Your Hair

Here we present to you seven common mistakes that generally women make while they use an iron at home. You should surely try and avoid them to prevent your hair from severe damage.

  1. Using a flat iron on wet hair

flat iron on wet hair

It is the worst thing if you use the flat iron on your hair when they are wet. The water in the hair forms steam which increases the shaft of your hair. The hair gets dried up, and they also get weak to a greater extent. The hair will not even get straight this way, and the hair will break too. In this situation, you are at hair loss and great non-repairable damage. This piece of advice was provided by Miranda from Flat Iron Pro and she is flat iron expert and has worked with various celebrities in her career and now she is writing the best flat iron reviews for helping people out to know the difference between different kind of hairs and which is the best one

  1. Skipping the dryer

Skipping the dryer

You will tend to skip the use of the dryer on your wet hair. In some cases, it might work but in most of the cases it will not work. If you dryer your hair before straightening them, it will lead to a relatively smoother and less dry. The same section of the hair does not require repeated straightening attention if you have used the dryer before. A low setting for heat is set which is beneficial and good for your hair.

  1. Heat setting

Heat setting

The heat range of styling is different from person to person. The hair that is less needs less heat as compared to hair that is thick. Many hair straighteners basically have no temperature that can be adjusted properly. Always use the lowest temperature to set a possible style that can also prevent your hair from damage.

  1. Straightening your hair on daily basis

Straightening your hair

Straightening your hair on a regular basis will only damage them to infinity. There are many different techniques that can help you to straighten them or style them properly rather than styling them with straightener every day. Curly hair is better to be tied at night while sleeping. Rollers can be used for the same purpose. For people with straight hair, it is better to sleep with your hair tied in a pony. All we have to do is to comb it after waking up.

  1. No Moisture


It is recommended to keep your hair properly moisturized. Not moisturizing your hair will lead to split ends and a lot of damage to your hair. It is recommended to use natural oils as well as natural therapies for your hair. The hair will be benefitted from the usage of these products.

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  1. No continuous detangle of the hair

detangle of the hair

Whether you’re blow drying or straightening your hair make sure to detangle your hair thoroughly before you begin styling. Take a section of your hair and comb or brush it from end to the roots to remove all the knots. Using a moisturizer, natural oils or therapies will leave your hair conditioned properly without any breakage. Take your time to comb properly to remove the tangles.

  1. Without using any heat protection

heat protectants

Different products act as heat protectants that prevent your hair to get damaged by styling. If you skip this, your hair will end up having higher damage.

So, here were some of the common mistakes that most of the girls commit while using a flat iron. Hope, after reading the article you will be able to relate to these common mistakes and shall not repeat them in future.