Human has a great control on their bodies regardless of any previous training. In fact, when it comes to unleashing our inborn abilities of movement, we become more active and become adapt to our surroundings. Our ability to move from one place to another or sitting for hours in one particular place becomes more proficient just like Homo sapiens. With a lifetime of training in the familial environment, we have become proficient indoor athletes.

With certain training, we can get re-kindle our ability of primal movement. It will not take years even you do not need to go to the gym. You can do it alone by lifting heavy weights. Here are three primal movements you can do.

1. The Squat


When we are children, our bodies would assume squats naturally. The squat is one of the fundamental and basic movement prototypes. When you look at infants playing in the playground, you will notice that they are sitting effortlessly into a perfect squat. Their move back on their hips without any strain and their knees remain behind their toes. There is enough ankle dorsiflexion even while they do a deep squat. However, as adults, we have to learn to do good squat in proper form. Our bodies are designed in such a ways that we can sit even in absence of chairs etc. It has been shown in research that doing full squat is most helpful posture as it unlocks the anal sphincter and puborectalis muscle gets relaxed that set straight the rectum. This help human to do shit easily. Squat also helps to build legs muscles and solid core. All you need to incorporate the squat in your daily workout routine and enjoy its benefits.

2. Crawling


As an infant or toddler, we do crawl naturally. Even we can run more naturally without nay flaws in our common posture that we can notice in many adult people who have taken up jogging to get fit. Running and jogging is just like crawling that involves cross body movement where we move our hands and legs opposite to each other at the same time. If we do crawling and it is vertical to the floor, the result would be running or jogging that depends on the crawling speed.

There are many variations of crawling and the best way to crawl is to slightly bend your knees on the floor and keep your upper body resting on palms with straight arms. After making posture, move your opposite hand and opposite leg and slowly more forward while sustaining the bend of your knees. For first, it may be hard for you but doing it regularly, you will feel more comfortable and become able to do many variations of crawling. It helps you to strengthen your back, core, shoulders, legs and arms. It is a very good movement for your whole body.

3. Jumping and Flipping

We all jump when we get excited or express our enthusiasm. Jumping is like expressing our happiness and joy. Today, few people jump when they get excited. Such people do shake or tremble when they feel excited. Continues sitting has made us lethargic and weakened our knees, damaged our spines and broke our gluteal activation and much more. To start jump again, feel the same excitement, and thrill is jumping on the trampoline. Trampoline gives a great jump and is safe to our knees. Any member of your family can use it. Jumping will make you happy and get back your life on your knees. You can also try plyometrics and other jumping drills and can flip forward and backward. With proper guidance, you can be able to do tougher jumping.

Our capability of thinking and imagination is connected to the difficulty of movement abilities with which we were born. By incorporating above three primal moves, you can bring back the carefree and enthusiastic child in you.