In today’s world we are so engulfed by technology and struck in the kiosk of life; we rarely get time for ourselves and our fitness. For many people extracting time from their busy schedule and joining gym or fitness classes is not possible, and then the only option left for us is to follow the workout by ourselves.

Some of the most common cardio equipment that people use at home are- Treadmills, Rowing Machine, Elliptical/Cross Trainer and Exercise bikes. Mostly people go for treadmills from the above-specified types of equipment, but the drawback using it is that it only applies to the lower body whereas using an exercise bike will help you concentrate most of the important muscles in our body.

How an exercise bike helps us reduce weight?

Pedalling a stationary exercise bike is cardiovascular exercise unlike crunches and sit ups which do serves some purpose but not entirely, they will just build your abdominal muscles and make them tighter, but they don’t do much for fat on your muscles.

A stationary bike concentrates on all the major muscles in our body and helps us burn calories throughout the entire body.

Distinguished features of Exercise Bike

The difference between different exercise bikes stimulates because of resistance during pedalling, but firstly to understand this, we need to know about a flywheel. The flywheel is a weighted metal disk that uses mechanical energy to convert into rotational energy. It is connected via belt or a chain and stores momentum until used up.

For an extensive exercise, a flywheel must weigh nearly 40-50 pounds and first need to weigh more and accordingly greater in size. So, in this case, we will end up having a large front wheel and small back wheel. To avoid this situation breaking system need to be introduced, and this resistance is created by applying the brake on the flywheel.

The various braking system to resistance is direct contact resistance which uses friction. Magnetic resistance uses electromagnetic induction for braking. The magnetic resistance has an upper over direct-contact resistance because it doesn’t wear out with time.

The some of the features available now days are the adjustment of a seat (backwards and forward), adjustment of tension on a flywheel and handlebar and space is also provided for placement equipment like the water bottle, etc.

Benefits of using Exercise bike over other equipment

You can use the exercise bike as a physical therapy with safe and effective cardiovascular movements.

Comparison of Exercise Bikes with other equipment

1. Treadmills – Treadmill stresses on the lower body and your spine whereas exercise bike ensures the movement of all the major muscles. It is also effective for people suffering from arthritis as it reduces stress on your ankles knees and hips.

The exercise bike is safer than treadmill as people loose balance in the case treadmill and can get hurt. Exercise bike also comes cheaper than a treadmill.

2. Rowing machines – Exercise bike has higher calories burn rate than rowing machines and exercise bike is more versatile and profitable. It proves fantastic for people with heart problems.

3. Elliptical/ Cross machine – Stationary bike burns calories at a slightly higher rate than elliptical machine. It is more compact and durable.

Tips to ensure better result from your exercise bike-

  •    Dynamic stretches are significant before the exercise it will help you with loosened connective tissue for better exercise movement.
  •    Make the adjustment in a seat according to your comfort.
  •    Before regress workout starts with warm up pedalling it will slowly raise your body temperature and help in further loosening of muscles.
  •    Pedal hard so that your breathing accelerate and you start sweating. The recommended workout time is between 60-90 minutes.
  •    Include interval during your workout, pedal for 30 seconds at the fast pace and then for 60 seconds at a moderate pace or take 10 minutes break during your 30-45 minutes session.
  •    Maintain proper postures during riding and keep yourself hydrated.


These are the few useful feature of exercise bike which helps us realise that as the most cost-effective and simplest piece of equipment present. It is a form of physical therapy which is safe, efficient, compact and cost-effective.

An exercise bike helps you in weight loss and training purposes having faster calories burn rate many others. It is a non-impact machine as it reduces stress on ankles, knees, and spine; People with arthritis and cardiac issues also use it. One can make various adjustments (seat and resistance) according to one’s need. With the help of these little tips provided on using the exercise bike, you will be able to attain your desired body figure.