Reports suggest that people should avoid using the trampoline at home. Since kids like to play with their companions and mostly the problems, happen due to kids colliding with each other on the trampoline. Hospitals have reported numbers of injuries due to the trampoline. Young children are mainly getting hurt than the adults. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) has suggested that people should avoid using the trampoline at home or in playgrounds. The AAP also recommended that people should use safety guidelines of the trampoline.

Typical damages: When more than one person jump on the Trampoline

There are a few cases of children falling off from the trampoline when more than one jumper plays together. Parents should take extra care when their kids perform on the trampoline with other performers. If your children are under six years, you should keep them away from the trampoline, because kids have a substantial possibility of getting hurt. Most of the time jumper gets injured when more than one person performs on the trampoline. Trampoline provides numerous health benefits including the building of muscles, good cardio health, and elimination of joint pains. Trampoline is a fun experience that everyone loves to perform, but more than one jumper using it simultaneously can cause injuries also.

Here are some common injuries that may occur when more than one person use a trampoline:

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Sprain on leg and neck
  • Concussions
  • Minor Cuts and Bruises

Causes of injuries: Multiple Jumpers using a Trampoline

Usually, injuries arise on the trampoline when performer land incorrectly while flipping and colliding with another performer. That is why it is suggested that only one jumper should perform at a time on the trampoline. Reports reveal that more injuries are due to more than one children jumping on the trampoline at the same time as it causes jumpers to hurt each other and land inappropriately.

Manufacturing of trampoline: Design Changes for multiple performers

Manufacturers are improving production of the trampoline to create it risk-free for the many jumpers. The substantial involvement advised by the ASTM are netting paddock to avert falling off and safety packing to protect frames and springs. The rules are not highly strict, and some states have no regulation at all. It is necessary that the materials applied in trampoline production should be reliable. Trampoline safety is essential, and it should be followed by everyone.

You can protect yourself from getting injured and can enjoy the jumps, but for this to happen simultaneous use by more than one jumper should be avoided.

Precautions to be taken when more than one jumper are performing on the trampoline

Trampolines are not safe for small children to play. Despite the parent’s supervision, children still get injured. The main reason is a risk of collision, and that happens when one can’t control the balance.

The important precaution for not getting injured is simply to follow the rule “Only one person at a time.” Other than this, the following few precautions can also be considered.

  • You have to make sure that the springs of the trampoline are in position.
  • Monitor simultaneous use of trampoline by more than one jumper.
  • Try avoiding flips or long jumps with other jumpers.
  • Make sure trampoline is placed on ground level.
  • You can install a safety net throughout the circumference of the trampoline.
  • Install safety pads to protect the steel frame and hooks.


Trampoline is quite famous among children and teenagers. Using a trampoline is fun. Usually, people underestimate the risk that they can face while having this fun. There are cases of injuries that have been reported, while more than one performer jumps on the trampoline.

Caution messages on trampoline say about no upturn, no jumpers than six years of age, and only one jumper to perform at a time, but people usually neglect these deterrents. Parents should supervise their children at a time when they are jumping on the trampoline with other performers.  Undoubtedly, trampoline has many health benefits, and if used carefully, it can become one of the best things for recreation.